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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1
For those of you out there that look for a thril and something to enjoy from the comfort of your couch and your fancy tv whether it be a 4K, LED or Tube tv. Go out to Gamestop pick up and Xbox one S or PS4 Pro (Yes I have both) and live in World War 1. Old school bombers, tanks, snipers and grenades. Whether your playing by yourself and going rogue or playing with a squad dominating the field, you’ll have one hell of a time.

I myself have been following battlefield all the way back to when it was on PC. Back when batttlefield 1 the original was the most intense open world FPS. Yes the had tactical vehicles but it was a game of its time. My favorite prior to the new Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 was Battlefield 2142. It was intense flying hover ships as bases, mech machines you could pilot and lay waste to the enemy, but most fulfilling part was there was so many different objectives to do, just like the new one.

Whether your clearing the field for the tanks to come in as backup to hold a flag or you sniping to provide cover for those who run across the open field, your going to have fun. Below is a list of my pros and cons to help in your decision of playing Battlefield 1:


64 players: A lot of Kills to be made
Real feel shooting, Bullets drop…So aim high mand shoot to kill
Different skill types – Haven’t been on a match yet where you can’t leave your spawn and get some kills… There’s always someone running in the open
Teamwork – You work as a team good your crush it, you don’t work as a team well it’s tough to pull of a victory in War

Loadtime – Yes it takes a while to load, a whole whopping 5 minutes, but that’s because your playing on large scale maps and there is 64 soldiers loading in. Keep in mind the average match is 25-39 minutes!
Spawnpoints – I know we would all like the ideal spawn right behind the enemy and you could then go on a 10 kill streak, but realistically that’s not the case. You can control what flag you load into but not the exact spot you want so beware. (Your better off spawning in on your squad mates or a vehicle not in combat or the flag in the middle of nowhere and walk)
Individual players – There are people in this game who play a clsss but simply don’t use the abilities. For instance a medic no matter how many times you select medic in your quick calls slots they still don’t drop a medic pack. Keep that in mind and play in a squad of people if not head my instagram and I’ll roll with you .
I rate this game an 9 out of 10. The Cons are something that just bug me but are a constant pain I hear people complaint about. But the load time that’s something we all can’t fix only the developers. Fix the spawns 10 out of 10 easily.

Instagram: Mac.Reviews

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